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Unlock your deepest sleep & dreams with our powerful, potent mushroom & adaptogenic blend designed to taste great, help you relax and achieve a truly deep sleep

  • Experience relaxation & calm into the night
  • Soothe your mind & body as you unwind
  • Achieve a truly deep sleep
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All natural ingredients

Better for you & the planet


Mushroom superpowers

Powerful ancient adaptogens


Vegan & cruelty free

As it should be 100%

Why thousands of people end their day with Dream Dust

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Rated 4.8/5
I quit drinking...

" the evening to relax, since I started using Dream Dust. I've felt much more relaxed and calm before bed - I also find it much easier to fall asleep and wake up feeling properly rested!


Dream Dust is perfect if...

  • you want to relax & unwind into the evening before bed

  • you often work late or look at screens late into the evening

  • you typically find yourself feeling too stimulated before trying to sleep

  • you want a soothing drink that can be enjoyed hot or cold

  • you want a truly deep sleep but to also feel fresh the next morning

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Rated 4.8/5 from 811 reviews
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Rated 4.9/5
I quit drinking...

" the evening to relax, since I started using Dream Dust. I've felt much more relaxed and calm before bed - I also find it much easier to fall asleep and wake up feeling properly rested!


Why Dream Dust?


Mix with anything

Enjoy it with just about anything you like.


Tastes great

It starts with ‚Äúmmmmm‚ÄĚ and ends with ‚Äúdelicious!‚ÄĚ


Zero drowsiness

This allows you to wake up and crush your day

clean, safe, powerful ingredients

Quality ingredients - made in England

Vegan & keto friendly

Big dosages: 2-3x stronger


Reishi mushroom

1000 mg

The 'calm mushroom' - known to reduce stress & is also a powerful immune support



500 mg

An ancient medicinal herb, scientifically proven to reduce stress & anxiety levels



150 mg

Fruit ingredient that's been used in traditional medicine for centuries - super high in antioxidants



3000 mg

Amino acid that has a calming effect on the brain & can improve sleep quality


Passion flower

150 mg

Plant extract commonly used to reduce anxiety and increase feelings of calm



150 mg

Essential mineral used to maintain normal blood pressure & reduce inflammation



220 mg

Amino acid known to improve mood & support sleep



100 mg

Traditional plant ingredient widely used to help the body relax

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The power of mushrooms

Dream Dust v1.0 is a powerful all-in-one mushroom & adaptogenic powder blend to unlock your deepest sleep & dreams

Mushrooms are nature's ancient superpower and our formula contains a large dose of Reishi mushroom.

We combined this primary ingredient with a range of other amino acids & adaptogens to create a powerful combination of effects you can only experience with Dream Dust...

our creative customer reviews

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Rated 4.8/5 from 700+ reviews


How to use

Scoop your serving of honey & ginger Dream Dust

Mix with water, milk or whatever you like, hot or cold!

Drink, enjoy and relax ready for a deep sleep

Dream Dust can be mixed with just about anything...

us vs them

Dream Dust v1.0

Night time ritual like no other

  • can be sipped & enjoyed
  • delicious honey & ginger flavour
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • all-in-one super blend
  • instant medical experience
  • no taste at all
  • mass produced pharmaceutical
  • one of many ingredients in stack

Dream Dust v1.0 can be mixed with just about anything to enjoy it however you like...

'I chase my dreams while I'm awake'

the 80s film + story to celebrate the launch of Dream Dust


Got questions? We've got answers...

  • Are these 'magic' mushrooms?
  • No they are not, our products are 110% within international laws & regulations - we are all about creating innovative consumer products that can help boost mental performance, mood and general wellbeing for everyone! for now, this is the best alternative in a format you love...

  • Are the ingredients safe?
  • all of our ingredients are 100% safe, with zero exceptions - we work with nutritional experts and testing labs to develop highly potent, effective formulas that are much stronger than most of what is available on the market elsewhere, with quality being our number one priority! Our products aren't cheap to produce, and this is reflected in their potency and long term effectiveness

  • How does this stuff even work?
  • mushrooms are nature's ancient superpower, there is no doubt about it! our potent blend of Reishi mushroom extract, combined with our other highly effective natural plant ingredients has a strong adaptogenic effect on the body and mind. These ingredients have been used for thousands of years all around the world, and their impact has been scientifically proven on countless occasions. Combining the ingredients we do in 'Dream Dust' at the dosages we do, has a powerful natural impact!

  • How will I feel when taking Dream Dust?
  • Dream Dust is a 'for us, by us' product, meaning we've designed and developed it for ourselves first, knowing that people just like us (entrepreneurs, creatives & dreamers of all kinds) will love it too! The whole idea of 'Dream Dust' centres around longevity and sustainability, meaning you can take it every night and never feel like you need a break - without experiencing any negative side effects or dependancy. In summary, you will feel calm, relaxed & ready to sleep (both mentally & physically) - the perfect pre-bed ritual!

  • How much should I take & when?
  • we've designed 'Dream Dust' to be a once per evening, 'all in one' type blend - super simple & effective. A single 4.5g serving (1 scoop) in the evening will set you up nicely for the evening and bed time! However, some people prefer to take two 2.5g servings at different times - or even add slightly more to their daily routine - we advise taking no more than 2x 4.5g servings per day maximum - just find what works best for you! Remember, you can drink it hot or cold, or mix it with whatever you like! ;)

  • Do you offer samples?
  • currently we don't offer sample packs, we've had lots of requests for this so are looking to offer this in the future! however for now, the best way to get the best deal on your Dream Dust is to choose a subscription where you can save up to 33% on your order! Plus, you can cancel anytime :)

  • what's the deal with subscriptions?
  • the greatest benefits with Dream Dust come from long term, consistent use - we generally recommend trying the product for at least 3 months to see the absolute best results when fully integrated into your lifestyle & routine! We offer a few different types of subscriptions - rolling monthly & quarterly billing - both offer significant savings compared to a one time purchase, and as always - you can edit or cancel your subscription anytime directly from the website yourself, no questions asked!

  • Does the pouch come with a scooper?
  • yes, every single pouch of Dream Dust comes with its own long handle scooper (the one in pictures on the product page), so you don't need to worry about saving the scoop from a previous order :)

  • Does it contain any calories?
  • a very small amount yes, a full 4.5g serving of Dream Dust v1.0 contains 1 calorie from the active ingredients and natural sweetener - you can see the full nutritional breakdown on the product page

  • Is it safe to take while on medication?
  • generally yes, but as always you should consult with your doctor if you have any specific questions or concerns about your medication :)


  • Can I take Dream Dust every day?
  • absolutely yes! it's been designed to be an all-in-one evening blend, and we recommend consistent long term use to feel the greatest benefits. Some people prefer to take a few days off every now and then, or increase/reduce their dosage to suit their lifestyle and needs on certain days - but it can certainly be taken every night no problem!


  • Where is Space Goods based?
  • we're located in London, UK! All our products are proudly made in Surrey, England and we have our warehouse in Northampton, where we hold our stock and ship all your orders from! :)

  • What's the best way to use the product?
  • Dream Dust is a super versatile & convenient all-in-one blend - you can drink it by itself hot or cold - or add it to your usual tea or pre-bed protein shake - Dream Dust is designed for ease of use and can be mixed with just about anything you like, get creative with it ;)

Have any more questions or need help with anything?

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