In a world where wellness trends come and go, there’s always a unique individual who seems to have a secret arsenal of practices that genuinely work. Meet Antonia, a 35-year-old design director at a creative agency based in Shoreditch. She’s not just a friend, but also a ‘pioneer’ (she’ll love being called that) in adopting functional mushrooms as part of her daily routine, long before they became the mainstream health phenomenon they are today. 


The very fact Antonia has been using functional mushrooms for so long, got us thinking, what led her to integrate these mushrooms into her life? Last week we sat down with her to unravel why she takes them and how it’s transformed her overall well-being.  



Q: Antonia, love that you love your mushrooms. Shroomy stuff. Can you take us back to how it all began? 

A: Absolutely. My journey with functional mushrooms started way before they became a ‘wellness trend’ (here Antonia is using air quotes - implying she is in fact, very cool). I’ve always been drawn to a holistic approach in life, ever since I was a teen in fact. I suffered with pretty terrible PMS symptoms so wanted to do something natural to help alleviate that pain. And so from there, my fascination with natural remedies led me to functional mushrooms and I basically became obsessed with them. I remember being stunned at how beneficial they were in traditional medicine. 

Q. You just mentioned functional mushrooms helped with your PMS symptoms. What other ways have mushrooms impacted your life? 

A: So much!! Let’s start with hormone balance. Having a demanding career and experiencing life's ups and downs in general, maintaining a hormonal balance has become key for me. Functional mushrooms like reishi (included in Dream Dust formula) and chaga (which you'll get from Rainbow Dust) have been incredible. They act as adaptogens, helping my body find balance amidst the chaos. I’ve noticed improved emotional resilience and an overall sense of well-being. 

Q. Your role as a design director requires immense creativity and focus. How have functional mushrooms contributed to that aspect of your life? 

A: Creativity and focus are the lifeblood of my job. That’s where lion’s mane mushrooms come in for me. They’re believed to support cognitive function, memory and concentration. It’s a go to part of my daily routine as I find myself tackling design challenges on a daily basis. 

Q. And what about productivity, which is crucial in your line of work? 

A: Absolutely, productivity is the heart is the heartbeat of success in a creative agency. Cordyceps have been my secret weapon here, another one of the mushrooms the team at Spacegoods has included in Rainbow Dust. So with cordyceps it's been really fascinating using them for quite a while. I’ve experienced a surge in stamina and productivity - oh, and it’s really helped me out in my spin classes as well as at work too. 

Q. Your approach to functional mushrooms seems well ahead of its time. How does it feel to be a pioneer in this wellness ritual? 

A: Hahahaha. Love being called a pioneer. It’s humbling, really. When I started, functional mushrooms weren’t really the talk of the town like they are now. But for me, it’s always been about genuine well-being rather than following trends. Embracing these ancient wellness practices has been rewarding, and I’m glad more people are recognising their potential. 

Q. Alright, last question - could you round up your mushroom journey in a few words for our readers?

A: Certainly, beyond the buzz, there’s a quiet strength in functional mushrooms. They’ve become my loyal companions in achieving balance, focus and productivity. And lastly, go try ‘em! 


As we wrapped up our conversation with Antonia, it became clear that her mushroom journey isn’t just about adopting a wellness trend, it’s about fostering a connection with nature’s remedies that have stood the test of time. 


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August 31, 2023 — Vanessa Stidever