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'I chase my dreams 

while I'm awake'

our second brand story & film, set in a 1980s world of heartbreak, ambition & dreams - to celebrate the release of Dream Dust...


'nothing exists

until you create it'

our first brand story & film, set in a 1980s utopian world of colours & dreams...

watch the film >
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you'll unlock

     the wildest

dreams, which will almost feel too real...

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'following the first product launch & movie 9 months ago for Rainbow Dust, we wanted to go one step further with the creative concept for our latest creation Dream Dust - we've started to build out somewhat of a broader 'movie franchise' in our heads which will grow with the brand as our product range & customer base expands over time! This movie takes inspiration from details of the first one, as well as real life events in my life over the past few years and parts of the entrepreneurial journey so far up to this point. You could certainly argue that we've gone well over the top with our latest film - but these pieces of content are all about bringing our audience and customer base into the world of how we think and we're also just having fun with it - featuring as the protagonist myself was one way to save budget but was also just indulging my teenage self who always wanted to direct and feature in a romance movie...'

 — Matt, founder

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watch the full film...

explore the aesthetic...

unlock a new realm,

of your

deepest sleep & dreams...

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'we've got the perfect night cap to send you into a deep, solid sleep...'

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dream dust v1.0

all natural, non-magic mushroom + adaptogen blend to help you relax, unwind + sleep



Supply for 30 days

  • Relax & unwind into the evening before bed
  • a soothing drink that can be enjoyed hot or cold
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • Mix with just about anything you like!

an everyday staple for me

"Dream Dust has become a staple for me in my everyday routine - it tastes great and most importantly feels great"


like nothing else on the market

"Space Goods are creating products that not only work great, but taste great & look like nothing else on the market today"



"not only do Space Goods' products help me unlock my very best state on a daily basis - I also see insane potential with where they're going longer term - I'll be a customer & fan for life!"


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asked questions

no, we only sell completely legal products that are 110% within international laws & regulations - we are all about creating innovative consumer products that can help boost mental performance, mood and general wellbeing for everyone! for now, this is the best legal alternative in a format you love...

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