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pool party 

social club

a next generation brand community for ambitious, creative people - for us, by us...

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'nothing exists

until you create it'

our first brand story & film, set in a 1980s utopian world of colours & dreams...

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enter a new world of

        colours &

dreams, it's not all as crazy as it seems...

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we all want to feel part of something - to feel connected, recognised and in a place where we belong. The Pool Party Social Club is born from my own desires to build brand experiences way beyond just a product in your hand - that's where it starts for sure, but not where it should end -

The world is evolving now more rapidly than ever - and with that has come great opportunity for those of us willing to act, build & create our own realities - but it has also born new challenges, often of loneliness, disconnection and ultimately a lack of true human experience"

 — Matt, founder

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watch the full film...

explore the aesthetic...

unlock a new realm,

of your

very best self...

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'don't just sit there scrolling TikTok! place your order as soon as possible...'

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rainbow dust v1.0

all natural, non-magic mushroom + adaptogen blend for focus, energy + calm

Supply for 30 days

  • Experience sharper focus, sustained energy and a zen-like calm throughout the day
  • Zero jitters and zero crash
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • Mix with just about anything you like!

4.9/5.0 (rated by 1039 spacers)

One-time order

Perfect to try out.

£49/one time

3 months supply (3x 240g bags)


6 months supply (6x 240g bags)


Shipping: right now, today!

an everyday staple for me

"Rainbow Dust has become a staple for me in my everyday routine - it tastes great and most importantly feels great"


like nothing else on the market

"Space Goods are creating products that not only work great, but taste great & look like nothing else on the market today"



"not only do Space Goods' products help me unlock my very best state on a daily basis - I also see insane potential with where they're going longer term - I'll be a customer & fan for life!"


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asked questions

no, sadly true psychedelics (psychoactive compounds such as psilocybin, LSD, DMT etc) have been strictly illegal in 95% of countries for the past few decades, even though they have been proven to do significantly less damage and pose much less risk to society than drugs like alcohol or tobacco! Our products use non psychoactive, legal mushrooms combined with other powerful nootropics and adaptogens to create an effect which we believe is similar to a psychedelic microdose - we are working on developing true psychedelic versions of our products, but due to international law, these will be available in very limited quantities in very few countries, for now - our long term vision is to bring psychedelics to the mainstream through innovative consumer products that can help boost mental performance, mood and general wellbeing for everyone!

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