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we are the next generation wellness brand -

psychedelics are the future, we are your very first step...

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long term vision

'is to bring psychedelics to the mainstream just like CBD - to lead the psychedelic renaissance from an everyday consumer perspective'

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but what do we actually do?


innovative mushroom supplements

we make wonderful mushroom based supplements that are designed to look good, taste good, feel great & help enable you to do great things


ancient ingredients, modern approach

mushrooms are nature's ancient superfood - we harness their power in innovative ways, creating products we know you will love - for us, by us


'microdose imitation'

our v1.0 products use non psychoactive mushrooms combined with other powerful ingredients to create an effect we believe is similar to a psychedelic microdose*

*microdose imitation

a microdose is a sub-perceptual (very small) dose of a psychedelic compound which boosts focus, creativity & mood without making you 'trip' or getting you high - however, as true psychedelics (psychoactive compounds such as psilocybin, LSD, DMT etc) have been strictly illegal in 95% of countries for the past few decades, this is the best we can do right now - we are working on developing true psychedelic versions of our products, but due to international law, these will be available in very limited quantities in very few countries, for now - our long term vision is to bring psychedelics to the mainstream through innovative consumer products that can help boost mental performance, mood and general wellbeing for everyone!

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our foundational philosophy - 

'we believe that the mainstream acceptance & reintegration of psychedelics back into society will be the single most significant change in health and wellness globally over the next decade - we are building a brand that is ahead of its time & ready for that change'

matt @matthucius - founder, Space Goods

product roadmap vision


1) initial v1 launch

powerful, potent, non-psychoactive supplement products - a 'microdose imitation' - the best legal alternative in a format you love


2) our 'lab' launch 

small scale psychoactive consumer goods testing in specific, restricted markets worldwide - a step towards our day one long term vision


3) consumer psychedelics

we will change the wellness industry worldwide, forever - with gorgeous, everyday consumer focused psychedelic products

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it starts with the mind

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this is a whole new world for many of us - but if we achieve what we set out to, it won't be for long...

read some answers to our FAQs here and hopefully we'll answer many of your questions - if you're still feeling confused, intrigued or just generally want to know more, about anything we do or are working on - drop us a line below - 

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join us on our mission

this is a team effort

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we are always looking for new opportunities to grow & expand our vision - whether that's retail, wholesale, team, investment, collaborations or otherwise - new ideas and people people make the world go round - if we want to go far, we must go together...

drop me a line [email protected] or on instagram/twitter @matthucius if you'd like to have a chat!

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